Today I want to share quick manual on how to update Seq instance running in doker, to the latest version.

What is Seq

For those who don’t know, Seq is great server app for collecting log messages. It works well with Serilog which is excelent logging framework from same author. Using these two tools you can log from any application into one place. For example from PowerShell, using another tool, module I wrote – PoShLog which is wrapper of Serilog and PoShLog.Sinks.Seq. See example bellow:

Log message from PowerShell in Seq:


See more information about PoShLog and Seq here –


Anyway, lets move to updating Seq. I suppose you have established ssh conneciton to your server where Seq is hosted.

First let’s see all docker images:


Download latest version of seq image:


Now let’s see our running Seq container:

Next, stop and remove the existing container using container id from previous step so we can launch a new one under the same name:

In last step we recreate seq container, according to manual, using:

Run docker ps to ensure latest image is running:


And that’s all, Seq is now running it’s latest version. You can verify that in Seq UI, bottom right corner.


Last modified: February 8, 2022
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