The problem

So for maybe a year I had problem on my development machine. Whenever I tryed to run some application that has been installed trough Microsoft Store I would get error message: "The data area passed to a system call is too small.". Not a big deal because almost all apps I use can be installed via classic installer. But recently I decided to try Windows Subsystem for Linux and guess what… linux distros are installed trough Microsoft Store. Sure enough, once I installed Kali Linux from MS and tryed to lauch it I got the anoying message "The data area passed to a system call is too small.". Ok lets solve the issue.


I was able to find clue on this microsoft page. It says: This issue occurs because of miscommunications between two filter drivers, specifically WCNFS (the Desktop Bridge) and the RsFxXXXX.sys driver (SQL Server FILESTREAM system driver). The RsFx system driver doesn't appropriately honor flags being passed by the WCNFS driver. This causes startup failures of any Desktop Bridge application.

Basicly the issue is related to SQL Server and yes I have it installed on my machine. I had the issue even on my older laptop where SQL Server was also installed.


On that same page it says that to fix the problem you should install SQL Server cumulative update according to your server version. I’ve had a troubble installing that cumulative update so at the end I installed SQL Server 2016 SP2. After restart, the problem was gone. Good bye annoying errors. Hello MS apps :]

Last modified: February 4, 2022
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